Q&A: Dissara Udomdej – Chief Executive Officer, Founder of Yell Advertising Bangkok

Leading up to this year’s AME Awards, the AME’s Grand Jury Spotlight Interviews are celebrating the exceptional minds shaping the landscape of advertising and marketing communications. The esteemed panel for 2024 includes visionary leaders renowned for creating influential, results-oriented campaigns for leading brands worldwide.

The diverse jury coming from top-tier agencies around the globe represent some of the most recognized creative and strategic trailblazers in the industry. Their dedication to driving impactful, innovative work not only sets the standard for excellence but also inspires future generations of marketers and advertisers.

2024 Grand Jury member Dissara Udomdej is Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of Yell Advertising in Bangkok Thailand. He brings 20 years of industry experience to the AME jury panel. Dissara has led Yell Advertising for 13 years, growing it to be one of the hottest Thai advertising companies.


In addition, he expanded the agency’s network to ASEAN under the name Yell International, which is based in Singapore and works on a regional scale.

In the interview below Dissara shares his perspective on media marketing, the use of AI and data analytics, the attributes of award-winning work that stand out and much more.

As a creative strategist, what stand-out attributes do you recognize in award-winning creative effective advertising?

In my opinion, the award-winning campaign should be pragmatic first and foremost. It is not only about ideals. However, successful advertising needs to demonstrate to the jury its efficacy in the real world. The second regards the integration of media, ideas, and technology in terms of the importance they hold. Nowadays, the advertising industry requires greater comprehension from creatives, strategists, and all other stakeholders.

How has the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence impacted the effectiveness of advertising campaigns?

I believe that AI and data analytics will be fundamental to the success of advertising campaigns. This is because every campaign should start with data, and AI will help us execute all things faster and in a variety of ways.


How has media marketing changed the way brands engage with consumers? Are there standout brands who are excelling at skillfully reaching consumers in their own personal lane of interest?

The arrival of AI will improve media efficiency. In the past, you collected data for personalized advertisements. You cannot modify advertisements as quickly as AI can. It is more dynamic, and AI will do greater amounts of analysis and generate personalized ads for convincing people.

Why are effectiveness competitions like the AME Awards important?

What measures can make it better? That is why we should celebrate effectiveness competitions!

This Q&A was published in partnership with The AME Awards. To learn more, including how and when to enter visit  www.ameawards.com

You can read the original interview here.

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