Q&A: Dino Mojica – ‘Respect for History is Balanced with the Freedom for Experimentation’

We recently caught up with Dino Mojica, Executive Creative Director at Hakuhodo’s Lotus:H in Jakarta. After close to a decade at Leo Burnett in Manila, Mojica spent several years at Phibious in Vietnam before relocating to Jakarta in 2012 to join Lotus:H – which is part of Hakuhodo Network Indonesia.

At Lotus:H, Mojica has built a name creating work that’s as visually striking as it is strategic. He has created print campaigns for WWF to increase awareness of forest fires; a campaign for telecommunications brand Telkomsel fighting fake news; and a recent campaign for Save the Children Indonesia designed a profoundly important campaign to raise awareness of tragedy of violence against children.

Over the course or our conversation, Mojica talks about working in Jakarta, his creative passions, his upcoming seat on the Ad Stars jury, and more.


You moved to Jakarta in 2012. What were the biggest surprises? What is the creative industry like in Jakarta?

The biggest surprise to me was how vibrant and modern the industry here is —  especially on the production side. Another is how open and diverse the creative community is. Before moving, I had always heard of how (allegedly) conservative the culture is (and it is in some ways), but definitely not in the arts and creative industries. There is always a sense of respect for history and culture balanced perfectly with the freedom of exploration and experimentation.

It’s been eight years since you joined Lotus:H. What’s your proudest achievement/project of all?

We once did an activation event for one of our clients where we flew a drone across the entire country from end to end — 30 days non-stop, creating a visual map of Indonesia, if you will. And we live-streamed it all in real-time. That was pretty amazing!

Were you always creative, even when you were a kid? Do you have a creative passion outside of work?

My father was in advertising, so yes, I guess that’s been with me for a while. I am very much interested in art and design in any form. Modern architecture and modern art in particular (though I do not practice any of those disciplines).


Who has had the biggest influence on your career, and what did you learn from them?

My father, as above. But also my mother, who was always doing creative things around the house without her knowing it!

Jakarta is just emerging from lockdown. Have you been working from home?

Yes, I’ve been working from home for three months now. Personal interaction is what I sorely miss. Thoughts can be communicated, no problem, but the creative energy somehow cannot be transferred digitally.


Are you working on anything interesting right now?

Just being able to do anything in these times of Covid is interesting!

Do you have a creative process – is there a way you work through a problem? When do you have your best ideas?

Usually, after my morning coffee is the best time. The rest of the day is spent trying to capture that moment.

Why did you agree to judge the Ad Stars 2020 Awards, and what are you most looking forward to?

Never been asked to judge anything in my life, so now is as good a time as any!

Barbara Messer

Barbara Messer

Barbara is a Sydney-based content strategist, writer, editor, and communications consultant.

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