PUSH Launches in Sydney, Australia

    By The Staff - Oct 19, 2020
    PUSH Launches in Sydney, Australia

    Jonathon Lim

    The Shanghai-born and Australian-owned creative agency, PUSH has announced the launch of their fourth creative studio in Sydney, Australia. PUSH  describes itself as an agency that creates “culture-shaping content with a focus on Asian youth culture, skateboarding, music, fashion, and gaming.”

    Jonathon Lim, Co-Founder and Creative Director of PUSH, previously Creative Director at 88rising in Los Angeles, will head up the Sydney agency. He has a background in Directing and has spent the last ten years in Shanghai and LA.

    Created in 2014 and eadquartered in Shanghai, PUSH has also expanded its footprint with offices in Tokyo and Oslo.

    “Growing up in country Victoria half Malaysian-Chinese, I always wanted to create something here that would speak to people from diverse backgrounds,” said the Australian-born Lim. “Not being able to travel this year has given me the time and headspace to focus on returning to Australia to build on that vision. Living in China for 7 years and working throughout Japan, Korea, and SE Asia there is a ton of innovation and new trends coming out of the region that now impacts global youth culture. With youth in Australia being so globally connected there’s a need to bring that movement here.

    “For us as a business, Australia has such close links to Asia, it was important to complete this triangle of Shanghai, Tokyo, and finally Sydney. As activations are not currently possible, we see the opportunity for brands to make more content to engage their consumers with unique stories. On a personal level, there’s something about making work in your home country that feels more real and more gratifying than doing it abroad.”


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