Pulp Strategy Announces Expansion Plans

    The agency will increase its headcount from 80 to 115.

    By The Staff - Mar 23, 2021
    Pulp Strategy Announces Expansion Plans

    Ambika Sharma, founder of Indian independent full-service agency Pulp Strategy, has announced the company intends to increase its headcount by up to 25 people. The announcement comes in the wake of the company’s growth and expansion plans for the coming year.

    “We have had a series of business wins with clients from diverse industries including Tech, White goods, Logistics, Technology Integration, SAAS and NON Profit in the consumer and B2B segments,” said Sharma.

    “While the Covid-19 impact on the economy is far from neutralized. Demand for creating business impact with Digital and Technology is growing, we are setting our sights on a growth @ 150% YoY from the coming fiscal. We are looking to onboard great talent to expand our winning and talented team of strategists, we will be hiring over 50 people at Middle and Senior levels.”

    “2021 will see tremendous transformation and spurt in new technologies and platforms as the leaders will focus more on resilience, well-being, and human-centered leadership and that will continue to grow,” added Sharma.

    “Technology will allow HR to transform into a consulting enabler to the business. New hiring will be more focused on functions like Technology, Business Development & Strategy & creative in the next 2 months. We strongly believe in driving business impact for our clients with every program, product, and campaign. We are looking for growth-focused individuals not afraid to think differently with smarts and spirit and have the potential to be the harbingers of change in whatever they do.”

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