PSY Releases ‘Daddy’ Single from First Album in Three Years – Check it Out

PSY’s has released the singles “Daddy” and “Bell Bottoms” from his long-awaited 7th studio album. They are both up on YouTube as of Midnight Korea time.

The album, called Chiljip Psy-da, comes three years and five months after Psy 6-gap, which included the global earth-shattering sensation Gangnam Style.

“It’s been too long,” PSY said at a press conference in Seoul on Monday.


“Maybe it was pressure, maybe it was stress,” the Korean icon said. “I kept thinking, ‘This won’t do as well as Gangnam (Style)… or if I changed it, ‘overseas fans wouldn’t understand this.’ With every line I wrote, there were voices fighting in my head, and it took a while to get them all sorted out.”

Fortunately, for fans of the talented veteran South Korean music star, PSY did sort it out and he’s back.

Here is the first video single from the new album featuring CL from 2NE1 –with PSY starring in multiple roles.


The Second single released, called “Bell-Bottoms (Napal Baji in Korean), is a retro funk song –one that Psy himself described as being “the most Psy”.

For the new album, PSY told reporters he wanted to stay true to his original idea of who he is as an artist.

“As always, the album includes many different genres,” he said. “The base is in dance music. There’s EDM (electronic dance music), trap, hip-hop, funk, medium-tempo… in the lyrics, I tried to include all of the emotions people feel going through life.”

During Monday’s press conference Psy also said that he could never repeat the phenomenal global success of his 2012 hit Gangnam Style, but that he was perfectly happy being “just another” K-pop artist.

“The sheer weight of Gangnam was so heavy, I don’t even go to Gangnam anymore,” he joked.

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