Prudential Celebrates Families of all Kinds in New Campaign

Prudential has launched its latest campaign, “Made for Every Family,” which highlights diverse types of families whether it be nuclear, extended, cohabiting, or adoptive. Designed to showcase the diversity of families, Prudential partnered with R/GA to build the world’s first family avatar known as the famvatar.

The campaign aims to show that every family is special and deserves accessible insurance solutions that serve their unique needs regardless of their makeup.

“With greater diversity and inclusivity than ever, the world has changed about what constitutes a family. We are proud to partner with Prudential in transforming the way the insurance industry can recognize, relate and meet the needs of this cultural progression,” stated Shingo Ohno, Creative Director at R/GA Singapore.


The Famvatar embodies the representation of all identities across digital platforms like social media, chat apps, and games. The proprietary digital platform allows users to create their family avatars with a unique representation to turn them into a sticker pack. The platform provides the ability for users to customize facial features, skin color, and hair color and allows users to choose their outfits & accessories.

“Family is such an essential part of our lives, and the truth is, families come in different shapes and sizes. We’re busting the myth of the “typical” family in this campaign. All families, no matter the makeup, deserve equal care” said Roana Brito, Strategy Director at R/GA Singapore.

“Prudential wants to make it easy for people to access insurance and be more financially inclusive. Life insurance is the greatest proof of love one can give to their family and loved ones. We recognise that all families are unique and believe everyone deserves equal access to financial protection. At Prudential, we strive to be relevant to the lifestyle and needs of our customers by providing innovative and targeted solutions covering different types of families” stated Ms Mabel Leung, Chief Officer Brand and Strategic Marketing, Prudential.


“Made for Every Family” campaign reflects R/GA’s ongoing commitment to “Designing a More Human Future” and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the company and in communities.


● Shing Chew, Group Creative Director
● Shingo Ohno, Creative Director
● Syahid Nordin, Senior Copywriter
● Cheryl Seah, Senior Art Director
● Nate Cover, Senior Art Director
● Hannah Parsons, Art Director
● Joseph Fraquelli, Visual Designer
● Yuriko Virginia, Visual Designer
● Windra Pradipta, Video Editor
● Matthew McGregor, Creative Director
● Seamus Higgins, VP Chief Creative Officer, APAC
● Monni Qian, Visual Designer
● Justin Phang, Creative Director
● Simon Tan, Video Editor

● Brady Ambler, Executive Strategy Director
● Roana Brito, Strategy Director
● Jessie Wu, Associate Strategy Director

● Rollen Gomes, Technology Director
● Joe Chung, Creative Technologist
● Stephanie Kwok, Experience Designer
● Daulat Rachmanto Tino, Software Engineer
● DavidAlfa Sunarna, Associate Technology Director
● Febrian Syah, Software Engineer
● Luthfia Fitriani, QA Engineer
● Osied Shawahin, Senior Experience Designer

● Priscilia Liew, Senior Producer
● Daryl Goh, Group Account Director
● Magdalene Fong, Senior Digital Producer
● Kyle Belcher, Executive Content Producer
● Marianne Whitman, Group Production Director
● Graham van der Westhuizen, Client Services Director
● Felix Rompis, Executive Client Services Director
● Sukaimi Sukri, Senior Producer

● Triton Films, Video Production

● Garbanzo TV, 3D Art
● Republic Studios, Pose Production


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