‘Protect Yourself from Yourself’ says Campaign from Touch ’n Go

According to a new campaign, every day, the average person makes around 35,000 decisions. With that many decisions to make, even something as mundane as deciding where to park your car could go wrong.

To highlight the dilemma, Touch ‘n Go Group partnered with The Chariot Agency to launch a campaign for their newest product, ParkInsure, a first-of-its-kind insurance in Malaysia that protects drivers in parking lots.

The campaign, “Protect Yourself From Yourself”, launches with a film featuring a driver who is uncertain about the safety of the parking lot. Assured by her inner voice that it is a well-secured place, she feels like nothing could go wrong until a snatch thief sneaks up from behind. The false sense of security her voice gives her reminds Malaysians that bad things can happen despite your best judgements.


Bala Nair, Director of Cards and New Business, Touch ’n Go Group said, “We are thrilled to have partnered with Chariot Agency in bringing forth this campaign that resonates with Malaysian drivers. ParkInsure by Touch ’n Go is a new product innovation that aims to inspire confidence in drivers so they won’t have to worry about incidents that may happen at parking lots.”

“At Chariot, the core of our work revolves around gaining valuable insights and making observations. So when we got the brief, we dug deep and landed on an interesting thought to communicate the product. We tell ourselves bad things won’t happen to us, until it does. We were the problem all along!” added Jarrod Reginald, Executive Creative Director at The Chariot Agency.



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