Progress’s Benjamin Wong on Scenario Planning

The market’s inclination bias towards services that aid the progress in customer acquisition over retention, is one of the reasons Twitter is undervalued in the eyes of its prospective advertisers. Millions of users notwithstanding, the social media site at the center of elections, has no where to turn.

To learn how companies deal with internal shortcomings and market around it, Branding In Asia’s Babar Khan Javed caught up with Benjamin Wong, the Asia MD of Progress.

According to your internal and external research, what is the market gap that the customers of Progress want from the software that it is currently unable to provide?


Businesses nowadays are at the edge of a disruptive period where technology is rapidly evolving and customers are increasingly expecting a seamless experience across digital platforms. In order to survive and stay ahead of the competition, the only way to go is for companies to digitally transform themselves.

 Undergoing digital transformation is indeed crucial, yet many organizations are still in denial about this.

This observation is supported by the results of a global survey of more than 700 digital decision makers, which Progress has commissioned. The results revealed that in Asia Pacific, while 95 percent of the respondents believe that digital transformation is critical, 57 percent say that their organization is in denial about the need to transform digitally.

Furthermore, the findings also showed gaps on how enterprises are implementing their digital transformation initiatives. Only 21 percent believe that their business is effectively managing and utilizing digital content and channels. On the other hand, 73 percent believe that better alignment of marketing and IT is necessary to deliver on their digital transformation efforts, and 77 percent find that the lack of digital skills to execute strategy is a barrier to enhancing customer experience.


Further, which content marketing framework do you use to reach enterprise prospects of Progress?

Unlike before, marketers nowadays are in a unique position to greatly influence the selling cycle through exceptional content. This underscores the importance of building content aligned to the stages of the customer journey, enabling them to seamlessly go from one step to the next.

As a technology company that provides organizations with tools to create and sustain customer engagement, Progress understands the fundamental role of content and technology in driving our marketing strategy in today’s business landscape. For instance, gone are the days of the traditional linear customer journey where the first touch-point between customers and a brand is when they set foot in a physical store. Today, with more consumers being online, digital platforms like website and mobile apps are the first touch-points between a brand and its customers.

The entire customer experience, from the point they engage, make a purchase, as well as any after-sales service, are all done with the help of technology. As such, we’ve shifted our focus from account-based marketing to one that is centered on technology and content. We are now connecting with our current and prospective customers via different digital channels and developing content that would enable a seamless journey for them.

Harnessing technology in implementing our marketing strategy also means leveraging the tools that our colleagues develop. That is why when we acquired Telerik in December 2014, we saw an opportunity to utilize the tools for our own marketing efforts. Our website currently runs on Progress Sitefinity, a system that is institutive, business user friendly and offers personalization capabilities.

To sum it all up, content and technology are critical in driving our marketing strategy, and consequently, enabling us to achieve our desired business outcomes. From a content perspective, we ensure that we offer our customers the information they require at each phase of their journey. On the technology aspect, we leverage our own solutions in developing our digital channels across various platforms.

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Babar Khan Javed is a Correspondent for Branding In Asia.

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