Print Campaign Pay Tribute to War Victims

Earlier this year the Jakarta Globe, released a series of print ads commemorating International Day of Peace.

The ads, created in partnership with Hakuhodo Indonesia, depict victims of war with horrendous and grotesque scars that illustrate the scenes of the battlefield, driving the message that while physical scars may heal, some scars, mentally, never really go away.


The campaign last week won a Silver and Bronze award at AdFest 2018.

While the world is experiencing the longest period of peace in history, fighting is still raging in many parts of the world. As with all wars, the biggest casualties are civilians. While some manage to flee, many more are left in the middle of the battlefield.

The campaign aims to remind and educate the younger generation that conversation and compromise are not to be discounted in the effort of solving human conflicts.



CCO: WoonHoh
ECD: Chow Kok Keong
CD: Nicholas Kosasih
Art Directors: Chow Kok Keong
Nicholas Kosasih, Vince Lee, Nikholas Alviyanto, Adryanto Santosa
Copywriters: Vince Lee, Chow Kok Keong
Account Servicing: Budi Astuti
Planner: Devi Attamimi
Producers: Achmad Roni, Fariz Al Farisi
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok
CGI: Illusion, Bangkok

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The Staff

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