Dove’s Powerful ‘Courage is Beautiful’ Film Shows Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers

Dove is making use of its ongoing “Real Beauty” campaign as a powerful way to pay tribute to health care workers battling the coronavirus pandemic on the front lines.

As part of the campaign honoring these worthy heroes, the brand released an inspiring video titled “Courage is Beautiful,” which shows American doctors and nurses wearing their scrubs and other protective gear perched on their necks and heads.

Perhaps most striking about the series of images is how they reveal the deep impressions on each health worker’s face left behind by long hours wearing their protective gear.


The idea came about from work done by Ogilvy Canada using photos of frontline healthcare workers taken by Italian photographer Alberto Giuliani.

“There was a feeling we got that courage is beautiful,” Alessandro Manfredi, executive vice president of the global Dove brand told Ad Age.  “We thought why not try to show people who were doing this and also ask people to join us to thank these people who are risking their lives? We did it in, I have to say, four or five days. Then we needed to know we have the images that were right for the U.S. and took two more days for the U.S. It was the fastest campaign I ever saw in my entire life.”


Here is the original that was posted on YouTube by Dove Canada:


The U.S. version ends with a tagline announcing Dove’s donations to Direct Relief to care for healthcare workers in the United States – this part of parent company Unilever’s commitment to donate $108 million in supplies and cash, including 200,000 masks in New Jersey last month.

Manfredi added that Dove has donated $2.5 million in products to Feeding America and another $2 million in conjunction with Vaseline to Direct Relief.


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