Powerful Campaign in Thailand Features Abused Women Who Hide Their Bruises With Makeup

Working from statistics showing that 83% of women in Thailand experiencing domestic violence and abuse use make-up to cover their bruises, coupled with the fact that hiding the evidence of abuse increases chances of being abused again, VMLY&R Thailand and Smooth-E, in collaboration with “Friend of Women Foundation”, have launched a campaign casting a spotlight on the problem of domestic violence and its victims.

The “No Colors Last” campaign launched with an incredibly touching film featuring real victims using Smooth-E cleansing oil with serum to reveal their tragic, untold story to loved ones for the first time.


According to the brand, the film has been widespread throughout social media platforms and has become the most engaging campaigns that Smooth-E have done before. They added that the number of victims making a call to the foundation has significantly increased.


Trong Tantivejakul / Chief Creative Officer & Chief Executive Officer
Phianphon Sittichaidecha / Deputy Chief Creative Officer
Natha Taechaparipat / Creative Director
Chavanon Tantisiriseranee / Senior Copywriter
Chutima Sangphung / Copywriter
Anupong Aramboot / Art Director
Nucharee Virojtakulchai / Art Director
Nattawadee Chittarapan / Graphic Designer
Nawaphat Muadcharoen / Graphic Designer
Pichaiphat Tananont : General Manager
Nion Rattanavansit / Client Engagement Director
Ekaluck Charanvas : Chief Strategy Officer
Chayaporn Khongmuak : Strategic Consultant
Tanabodee Nelabusabanon : Producer
Pannapa Donavanik : Producer
Nutthapol Thani : Project Manager

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