Pots of Gold, Massages, and Mansions, It’s all Possible with Budget

Rental car company, Budget has launched a new brand campaign in collaboration with Host/Havas showcasing the “good stuff” that comes with renting through them.

Pots of gold at the end of the rainbow? Check. Leprauchans giving you that gold en-route to your brand new mansion? Double Check. Lakefront massages at your brand new mansion? Triple check. All of these things could have happened to you had you simply made the wise choice and gone with Budget.

The car rental category has been boosted by an increase in domestic travel due to international border closures and the campaign aims to drive consideration by positioning Budget as the hassle-free choice that gets you on the road to adventure faster.


“Research tells us that renting a car is not at the top of the list of things people most look forward to when going on holiday,” said Avis Budget Group Head of Marketing, Product & PR, Pacific, Vanessa Wolczak.

“Travellers see car hire as a necessary means to an end and want to hit the road and head to their next adventure as soon as they can. This campaign communicates how Budget can help them do that in a clear and clever way.”

“This process has been a series of standout moments. Not just arriving at such a distinctive platform within the category, but also working with a client who fully leaned into the notion that their brand could play a smaller role in people’s lives and still have a big impact by helping them get to the moments they most enjoy,” added Host/Havas Executive Creative Director, Jon Austin.


“It’s been a brilliant, collaborative journey and we can’t wait to get started on the next installment.”


Agency: Host/Havas
Production company: Guilty
Director: Edwin McGill
Executive Producer: Jason Byrne
Sound Design: Song Zu
Composition: Bonsta, Dan Delaney

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