Pornhub Says ‘The world is getting f*cked and not in a sexy way’

Pornhub announced the launch of “Sexstainability,” a campaign to help save the environment. Starting today and running for the next 30 days, the website will feature an entirely new channel of “Sexstainable” instruction videos starring Pornhub models – including Pornhub Brand Ambassadors Asa Akira and Kira Noir — educating and inspiring users to start acting more “sexstainably.”

With every view accumulated under the newly formed channel over the course of the next month, Pornhub will donate funds to 2030 or Bust.

The environmental initiative is dedicated to informing and inspiring people to reduce their carbon footprints through easily accessible everyday actions.


The video, which is most certainly not safe for work (watch it there anyway and tell your boss it’s about the environment) is a euphemism-a-second cause for good.

It also comes, notably on the heels of the porn giant losing major advertisers in the wake of a scandal that resulted in the site removing a majority of their videos. Seems like a good time for a good cause.

While a bit of the 2 and a half minute spot is less direct, most of it is delightfully over the top.


These are a few of our favorite lines:

“It’s time to reclaim that arousing feeling of doing something good for our planet.”

“Start fucking with the planet the right way.”

The actual, uh instructional videos, feature Pornhub models giving explicit instructions to viewers on how to be more sustainable. Topics include how to mitigate food waste, save water and electricity, recycle responsibly, and more.

“We’re excited to educate people in a meaningful way that will not interfere with their regularly scheduled programming on Pornhub,” said Kira Noir, Brand Ambassador, Pornhub.

“Combining two things people really enjoy – sex and sustainability – made the most sense in creating our ‘Sexstainable’ initiative. After all, it’s 2021 (finally!). It’s important for all of us get down to business and come together…literally…to help save Mother Earth.”

Videos on Pornhub’s new “Sexstainable JOI” channel will feature Pornhub Models including Asa Akira, Kira Noir, Sai Jaiden, Princess Haze, Xev Bellringer, Karina Kova, Little Puck, Honey Gold, and HandsomeBen.

“We are thrilled to partner with Pornhub in getting the word out that not only is the climate crisis endable and that we have the power collectively to make that happen, but also that making that difference can be easy, sexy, and fun,” said 2030 or Bust Executive Director Laughlin Artz. “We all want humanity to have a happy ending!”

Pornhub’s “Sexstainability” campaign is a collaborative initiative with ODD Company, a creative agency in Sweden.

The campaign is the most recently launched under Pornhub’s philanthropic division, Pornhub Cares. Projects housed under this endeavor are focused on furthering the charitable contributions of Pornhub as a whole.

Recent sustainability-focused campaigns the company has launched include “Dirtiest Porn Ever,” which helped to clean the world’s dirtiest beaches and to raise awareness around the growing pollution problem, and “A Ride With Pornhub,” which promoted green mobility in Italy by offering Italians free rides on electric scooters.