Pornhub Enjoys a Big Jump in Traffic From South Korea During the Olympics

Though online adult websites are heavily regulated in South Korea, the Pornhub brand is doing quite well there now during the Olympics.

The site released its Winter Olympics traffic insights showing that traffic to the site in Gangwon-do province where Pyeongchang is located, and which is normally not heavily populated during the rest of the year, witnessed a big increase.

Increasing in popularity are Olympics-themed searches, with “Winter Olympics” and “Sex Olympics” seeing a whopping 3,445 percent and 2,825 percent increase and the search term “Nude Olympics” was third increasing 1,801 percent.


In terms of country names being searched on the site “Korea” saw a big jump above normal levels have continued to remain high, As did Russia, China, Norway, and Thailand rounding out the top five.

According to Pornhub’s insights, the top search in Gangwon-do during their tracking period was “Threesome,” with a 35 percent increase.


According to Pornhub:

Some interesting Olympic related searches that had big gains included “Nude Olympics” by +1801%, and a noticeable “Bulge” increase of +239%. “Figure Skating” was the Winter Olympic sport with the biggest search gain (+622%) followed by “Skiing” (+424%) and “Hockey” (+245%).

Korea/Korean (+112%) topped the list of gaining nationality searches, thanks to being the hosting nationality and also due to the news coverage of the North and South Korean teams coming together for the games. Worldwide searches for Russia/Russian grew by 78% and China/Chinese by 67%.

The site also released numbers on the visitor demographic with by far the biggest jump in coming from the 65+ demographic.

Pornhub attributed the rise to incoming visitors.

The influx of Olympic athletes, press, and spectators caused Pornhub’s traffic to rise as early as February 1st. On February 7th traffic was 70% above normal levels. The increase was slightly lower on February 9th, perhaps as all hands were on deck for the opening ceremony preparations. The peak traffic increase of 85% happened on February 12th.

No access

Generally, when people in South Korea try to surf adult websites they are denied access and given a warning:

But users are said to get around this with the use of VPNs.

Last year the government floated the idea of banning Tumblr. At the time, the head of the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC), Heo Wook, said:

“Though 10 percent (of the content on Tumblr) is pornographic, the other 90 percent has a positive value. As the distribution of porn can impact brand image, we will continue to ask for cooperation in self-censorship. f you ask me whether it is appropriate to block access, it’s not there yet. But we will consider blocking Tumblr if the problem becomes serious.”


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