Pond’s and Shopee Team Up to Deliver Virtual Beauty Concierge

    By The Staff - Dec 3, 2020
    Pond’s and Shopee Team Up to Deliver Virtual Beauty Concierge

    Unilever-owned skincare brand Pond’s partnered with Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, to launch the ‘Smarter Skincare Just For You’ regional campaign, which will integrate Pond’s Skin Advisor Live AI chatbot exclusively on Shopee for the first time.

    With the partnership, Pond’s and Shopee aim to capture more digital-savvy consumers in the region and drive higher engagement, as e-commerce becomes an increasingly important channel of growth. In the region, e-commerce has contributed significantly to the growth of Unilever’s skincare category, year-over-year, hitting more than 400% in key markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

    The campaign integrates Pond’s AI-powered beauty tech solution with Shopee’s engagement tools to deliver a personalized online shopping experience. Based on their free skin analysis provided through SAL, users can gain an understanding of their skin and be matched with skincare products, all from the comfort of their homes.

    The campaign on Shopee Mall will be rolled out in phases across four markets in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, starting in December.

    Consumers relying more on beauty tech tools to make purchase decisions

    According to a release from Shopee, the sales of skincare products are expected to continue growing at double-digit numbers till 2023 in Southeast Asia. The Beauty & Personal Care category has also consistently seen strong demand on Shopee, as more people start to prioritize self-care and shop online for skincare products more often.

    These trends have driven more brands to expand their businesses online in order to meet the growing demands of beauty shoppers and find more innovative ways to engage with their customers.

    “We believe that the future of beauty will integrate more smart technology as consumers themselves become more discerning about the products they choose.”

    To better serve these consumers who are turning online to research and shop for beauty products, Pond’s is bringing the success of its unique Skin Advisor Live AI Chatbot to an eCommerce platform, with Shopee being the preferred regional partner to pilot this initiative across four of its key markets in the region.

    “Our mission has always been to provide consumers with expert skincare solutions to enable them to look their best every day,” said Rohit Bhasin, Global Brand Vice President, Pond’s.

    “When faced with so many beauty choices available online, we understand it can be overwhelming and challenging for consumers to pick the right skincare products for their needs. By integrating SAL, Pond’s virtual beauty advisor on Shopee’s robust chat platform, we can help consumers quickly find the products that suit their unique skin type. They don’t have to rely on trial and error in hopes of finding the best fit for their skin, making beauty an enjoyable experience.”

    Following the launch of SAL on Facebook Messenger across 9 countries last year, Pond’s observed that up to 98% of consumers cited that they enjoyed their interactions with SAL. The feature generated more than 15 times higher purchase intent as compared to its current landing site, and consumers were spending up to three times more time on SAL. Users preferred the convenience of receiving their customized diagnosis and product recommendations in under a minute by simply uploading a selfie on SAL.

    “We are honored to be the first and exclusive e-commerce platform to partner with Pond’s on this innovative campaign,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee.

    “We’re always looking for ways to explore and launch new ideas, tech, and products with brands and to provide fresh experiences for our Shopee users who trust us for a seamless and unique shopping experience. This partnership comes at an opportune time to empower users to invest in quality products catered to their skincare needs through edutainment and promotional deals this holiday season.”

    Innovative in-app engagement drives user conversion during the Regional Brand Day event

    The ‘Smarter Skincare Just For You’ regional brand day campaign aims to introduce a convenient and seamless in-app shopping experience on Shopee.

    Leveraging Shopee’s marketing tools and core engagement features, the digital campaign will also deliver beauty content via Shopee KOLs, social media, and co-branded videos. This interactive bite-sized beauty content debunks beauty myths and equips users with knowledge and tips to confidently discover and experiment with beauty products online.

    Pond’s has also leveraged on the popularity of live streaming to increase user engagements, and drive sales conversion through Livestream giveaways and rewards.

    “We are confident that this exclusive partnership with Shopee will help to elevate our brand presence online, thus accelerating our growth in the region,” said Rohit Bhasin, Global Brand Vice President, Pond’s. “We believe that the future of beauty will integrate more smart technology as consumers themselves become more discerning about the products they choose.”

    The Shopee app is available for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.


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