Police Raid Ad Agency in Korean Air Scandal – Cho’s Citizenship Becomes Issue

Image: Pixabay

Investigators in Seoul raided the offices of the ad company related to the probe into allegations that Korean Air Lines exec Cho Hyun-min threw water at an ad agency staff member during a meeting

Cho has denied the water allegations but admitted to pushing the male staff member of the ad agency. “I was foolish. I am sorry,” she told local media.

Cho, the daughter of the Chairman Cho Yang-ho, and the sister of Heather “Nut Rage” Cho, was banned from overseas travel on Tuesday as the investigation expands.


The Seoul Gangseo Police Station said it sent about 10 investigators to the ad company – identified by MBC news as HS Ad in Seoul. Police said they examined a recording of the meeting and text messages exchanged among participants.

In another twist to the case, it was revealed that Cho was born in Hawaii – making her a U.S. citizen. This is a violation of Korea’s Aviation Business Act, which bans foreigners from being registered as directors of airline companies.

A separate probe into that issue has been launched by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Cho was registered as a director of Jin Air Co., the budget unit of Korean Air Lines, between 2010 and 2016

Recording of office rage

Though unrelated to the current scandal, earlier this week Korean outlet OhMyNews released audio recorded at Korean Air’s headquarters that it claims is Cho going into a furious rage at staff.


The outlet has not revealed who or when the voice was recorded to protect the file’s provider and Korean Air did not confirm if the recorded voice was Cho’s.

The file begins with someone yelling in Korean: “Who do you think you are? I’m going nuts.” The furious speaker then continues swearing and yelling at someone.



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