Pocari Takes Us on a Surreal Single Shot Ride

    An actual, physical roller coaster of an ad.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - May 4, 2021
    Pocari Takes Us on a Surreal Single Shot Ride

    Pocari has tossed CGI and special effects to the wayside in favor of innovative set design in a stunning new one-minute Japanese language spot.

    Featuring actress Sena Nakajima sprinting away from the crowds in her school, the ad takes us on a wild wide down an undulating hallway. Papers and debris fly through the air and an ingeniously designed motorized floor rises and falls like rolling waves as the camera captures it all in one beautiful long take.

    Even as the young actress bursts outside into a storm of falling flower petals, the roller coaster continues.


    The spot which was directed by Show Yanagisawa and created in collaboration with Dentsu intends to depict a storm passing through. When the heroine reaches her endpoint and her best friend, exhausted of course from passing through such dangerous terrain, she sips on a Pocari to quell her thirst.

    We’d be lying if we said it was the story that impressed us the most. Sometimes, the magic of filmmaking takes center stage, so much so that we feel like we’ve got to show the behind the scenes footage as well.


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