Pizza Hut & Ikea Collaborate in Hong Kong For Unique New Campaign

Pizza Hut Hong Kong and IKEA have partnered together on a unique pizza that uses IKEA’s iconic meatballs as a topping. The campaign, created by Ogilvy Hong Kong, also includes the SÄVA – a piece of Swedish flat-pack furniture – which comes in its own giant pizza box – for use as a table.

The campaign launched last week, with the two brands kicking things off with a cheeky back and forth on social media as a teaser. One included a post of a Pizza Hut delivery driver asleep in an IKEA store, with another post showing the boardroom ‘moment’ when a new recipe was discovered.


Posted by Pizza Hut HK on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

According to Facebook’s translation, the caption reads:

“When the old man first knew that he wanted to approve this meatball batch, in fact, he refused! Because he felt that we couldn’t ask him to approve, he immediately. He wants to try it, and see if the batch is big! Very Round! Very Juicy!


At this time, one of the colleagues studying the new batch of sleepless day and night and night suddenly picked up a batch of big praises: “It! Home! Batch!”

The crowd was shocked in the room, and the old lady who had always serious, could not help but laugh. asked the colleague to pass it a batch. After the taste, he knew that he knew it was IKEA batch.

The old man bites down. The Gravy Ikea Swedish meatball makes him no longer “Meat Ball is not full: ” the fragrant spicy sausage and cheese even more called him to refuse to reject it. IKEA batch

That’s it, this “must-win IKEA” approved. Thank you for your support for us and IKEA yí jiā jiā jū. We will be able to eat at pizza hut from March 2th. Takeout, take-out delivery or delivery.

“This campaign shows the playful side of Pizza Hut, and that our credentials can move beyond the kitchen into new and interesting collaborations with other brands,” said Wendy Leung, marketing director for Pizza Hut Hong Kong.

Pizza Hut X IKEA Pizza launched in stores late last week, with 67% more units sold than projected in the first 3 days, said Ogilvy.

“We’ve been absolutely thrilled to see the launch the new Pizza Hut x IKEA pizza with a fun, cheeky campaign that has proven to be quite popular with the fans already on the first day,” said John Koay, executive creative director at Ogilvy Hong Kong. “This is a great pizza, and this campaign really shows how collaborations can really benefit the fans – not just the brands.”


Chief Creative Officer Asia: Reed Collins
Executive Creative Director: John Koay
Executive Creative Director: Matthew Nisbet
Creative Director / Head Of Art: Michele Salati
Associate Creative Director: Ollie Davis
Associate Creative Director: Amy Cheng
Senior Art Director: Soenar Santoso
Photographer / Senior Art Director: Lucy Mcnally
Executive Group Director: Iris Liu
Account Director: Vincent Lam
Account Manager: Rachel Tsui
Account Executive: Clover Yuen
Content Lead: Ray Lam
Content Strategist: Jim Wong
Content Specialist: Ricky Chung
Senior Brand Strategist: Kaycee Li
Head Of Production: Jacqueline Ho

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