Pizza Hut and KFC Join Fast Food Forces and Launch Popcorn Chicken Pizza

    By The Staff - Nov 6, 2020
    Pizza Hut and KFC Join Fast Food Forces and Launch Popcorn Chicken Pizza

    Pizza Hut launched the ‘Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn Pizza’— a limited-edition pie that combines Pizza Hut’s crust with KFC’s Chicken Popcorn pieces, gravy, cheese, sweetcorn, and mushrooms.

    Perhaps don’t tell your cardiologist that you’ve tried it.

    To celebrate the partnership, Ogilvy Hong Kong and the two brands launched the ’Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen’, a mobile game that connects two phones and challenges two players to craft a ‘Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn Pizza’ against the clock together, playing as the Pizzatainer and Colonel Sanders.

    Players have to knead the dough, fry the popcorn chicken, and bake the pizza and if they complete the tasks in the time given they win Pizza Hut and KFC coupons.

    “This collaboration pizza between these two huge brands is a dream come true,” said John Koay, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy. “That’s why we were excited to create the Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen, a fun two-player game for fans to create this epic pizza with a friend and unlock tasty rewards too”.

    “The Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn pizza brings the best of both worlds together,” added Wendy Leung, Marketing Director at Pizza Hut Hong Kong. “This mobile game based on teamwork is a great way to engage with our fans and consumers whilst also increasing awareness of our brand and food innovation credentials.”


    Agency: Ogilvy Hong Kong
    Reed Collins: Chief Creative Officer APAC
    Executive Creative Director: John Koay
    Executive Creative Director: Matthew Nisbet
    Associate Creative Director: Amy Cheng
    Senior Art Director: Jo Wong
    Senior Art Director: Adrienne Andaya
    Art Director: John Koay
    Art Director: Sana Au Yeung:
    Copywriter: Alexandra Colgan
    Executive Group Director: Yuli Setiadi
    Group Account Director: Vincent Lam
    Account Manager: Rachel Tsui
    Senior Account Executive: Clover Yuen
    Head of Creative Technology: Manolis Perrakis
    Senior Digital Producer: James Wong
    Principal web developer: Leslie Cheung
    Web Developer: Dick Tang
    Client: Pizza Hut
    Chief Executive Officer: Elizabeth Lix Ting
    Marketing Director: Wendy Leung
    Marketing Manager: Yoyo Lam
    Assistant Marketing Manager: Karen Shea

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