Pixel Hangs Out With the iPhone in Funny New ‘Best Phones Forever’ Ads Poking Fun at Apple

“I can unblur your photos for you. We don’t have to tell anyone.”

"Why are you laying on top of me?"

With the unveiling of its Pixel smartphones, Google has launched the “BestPhonesForever” campaign which pokes fun at Apple for no longer trying to innovate with its lineup of iPhones.

The five ads, “Plateau”, “Seeing Stars”, “Sketchy Wi-Fi”, “Lifesaver”, and “Opening Up”, each portray iPhone in a less than favorable light as the two “BPFs” hang out – with Pixel being the sympathetic friend to iPhone while the ad casually (and humorously) points out shortcomings with the photos, videos, charging speeds, wifi issues, security and more where Google pitches that it excels.

The series opens up with “Plateau” with an iPhone and a Pixel enjoying the view of the Grand Canyon when suddenly the iPhone decides to open up and share its inner feelings of inadequacy while praising Pixel for all its features.


And then its battery dies.

In another spot, the two smartphones relax lazily in a field of grass star gazing while the iPhone is lamenting that it isn’t able to see the stars like the Pixel can.


In the “Sketchy Wi-Fi” spot, iPhone loses it over the presence of hackers in the room. “I’m freaking out! Quick, get off the public Wi-Fi,” it says. “There are… hackers, in this place.” The Pixel, unconcerned with security threats, tells iPhone about its built-in VPN for protection.

Our personal favorite, “Lifesaver” sees the pair out for a day on the beach, when Pixel realizes that iPhone’s battery is dead. It jumps on top of its friend making use of its phone-to-phone wireless charging feature. iPhone comes too “Why are you laying on top me?”

And lastly, in “Opening Up” the Pixel, following iPhone telling it that it doesn’t like surprises, literally opens up revealing its foldable scream. iPhone faints.

Upon waking up it asks “What year is it?? Do we have flying cars yet?”

Pixel: “No, but we have folding phones.”

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