Pigs Fly as Animals Australia Highlights Factory Farm Conditions

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Dec 16, 2020
    Pigs Fly as Animals Australia Highlights Factory Farm Conditions

    Animals Australia, an animal protection society, launched a campaign casting light on the living conditions of livestock in factory farms. The campaign, which is a reboot of work done in 2012, was created by VANDAL.

    “When the original campaign took flight in 2012 and shone light on the lives of factory-farmed animals, the community demanded that governments act – yet eight years later the battery cage and pig confinement crates remain legal,” said Lyn White, director of strategy, Animals Australia. “Animals Australia commissioned VANDAL to create a brilliant new 2020 adaptation of our little flying pig and friends. This time it’s not about getting governments to change their thinking. It’s a comeback with a difference.”

    The CGI/live-action mashup is well done and not only showcases impressive VXF work but also highlights an important issue. The message is clear; the conditions that pigs and chickens endure across Australia’s factory farms need to be improved. The 2-minute spot showcases singing factory farm animals, highlights the cramped miserable conditions they live in, and then fantasizes of a bright, different, cage-free future.

    “This emotional 2 minute film for Animals Australia was an ideal opportunity for VANDAL to flex its visual effects muscle and showcase our photoreal CG creature capabilities,” said Mick Watson, VFX supervisor, VANDAL.

    “These animals, magically brought back to life, will directly ask us, as a caring community, to open our hearts to them, change how we think about them, and make the compassionate choices that will free them from their suffering,” added White. “In the same way factory farms were built to meet consumer demand for animal products, consumer choice has the power to dismantle them.”

    “Animals Australia is immensely proud and grateful to have worked with a world-leading VFX studio on this ground-breaking campaign. VANDAL’s creative genius and investment in creating a transformational heart-opening initiative is evident in the brilliance of the finished product. They’ve been fantastic to work with and we look forward to doing so again,” said White.


    Animals Australia
    Director of Strategy – Lyn White

    Original campaign creative

    Managing Director – Brenden Johnson
    Executive Producer – Anna Greensmith
    Creative Director – Emile Rademeyer
    VFX Supervisor / CG Lead – Mick Watson
    Editor – Phil Stuart-Jones
    CG Artists – Bryn Morrow, Andy Sutton, Nick Kaloterakis
    VFX / Flame artists – Phil Stuart-Jones, Kent Smith
    Grade – Marcus Timpson

    Music Composer, “Somewhere”
    Russell Finch

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