Pigeons on a Ledge Help Parents Explain Losing Their Jobs to the Kids

    Honesty is the only way through difficult times.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Apr 13, 2021
    Pigeons on a Ledge Help Parents Explain Losing Their Jobs to the Kids

    As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe more than 200 million individuals suddenly found themselves out of work. UBXED, a platform dedicated to social issues that take a toll on children, has addressed the crisis in a new silent film.

    Speaking with children about job loss may seem like an incredibly difficult thing to do, but it’s important. Most kids can sense when something is wrong and the difficulties that arise from that often outweigh anything else. To simplify the issue, Kit Ong, UBXED’s founder, sought out the acting abilities of two pigeons on a ledge in “Hush.”

    The two and a half minute spot features a pigeon husband and pigeon wife (we’re not sure on proper terms, yet are currently consulting pigeon lawyers) discussing the husband’s recent job loss. What will the kids think? I don’t want to worry them? All rational and normal reactions to the situation, just this time told through the words of pigeons.

    In the end the pigeon couple come to the consensus that talking with their kids is in everyone’s best interest. If pigeons can do it, why can’t we?

    “Losing one’s job is scary. I have been talking to friends who have lost theirs. The agency that I had joined just recently announced that they were being integrated into another company, and that there was no role for me there, so I resigned without a job,” said Ong.

    “I told my daughter what was happening, as she is older, it is a little easier. HUSH is an entirely silent short meant as a means for parents to open up a conversation with their children about this tough topic. I hope it can be helpful in its small way.”

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