Thailand’s Phuket Launches New Destination Brand via QUO

Phuket Hotels Association has unveiled a new take on “Brand Phuket” with an updated brand identity. Created by Bangkok-based branding agency QUOhe new ID focuses on the island’s wide offering of experiences including its natural beauty and culturally diverse communities.

“Phuket is one of Asia’s, if not the world’s, greatest tropical destinations and it offers a remarkable panoply of attractions,” said David Keen, CEO of QUO. “It is critical that the island’s amazing attractions are harnessed under one umbrella. We have formed a memorable identity that will bring distinction, a better cultural understanding and, we hope, a stronger desire for the destination.”

According to the release:


The Phuket Hotels Association, a grouping of more than 61 hotel members at its launch, representing more than 9,000 rooms, is an initiative by a pioneering collection of Thai and expatriate hoteliers on the island. It is advised by Khun Wichit Na Ranong, former President of the Thailand Tourism Council and owner of The Slate Phuket resort.

“Thailand’s tourism industry has undergone a period of extraordinary growth and it is a time to take a step back, consolidate and position and plan for the future,” said Khun Wichit. “The central and core intention of Phuket Hotels Association is to bring the industry together to develop the destination. Tourism has been good to Phuket and we now need to ensure we are reinvesting through environmental and educational programs to ensure benefits and advantages are spread.”

Despite Phuket’s prominent position in Thai tourism, this is the first concerted effort to clearly define and express the island’s identity as a tourist destination. When the Phuket Hotels Association approached tourism branding agency QUO to assess Phuket’s unique assets, the brief was to understand its target visitors, then develop a concise and consistent identity that will serve as the focus for ongoing promotional activities.


Based on this core identity, a new logo has been crafted, featuring ‘Phuket’ in letterform with a decorative motif within the ‘U’ which is inspired by elements in Thai handicrafts. These decorative swirls also evoke the curl of the surf, calling to mind Phuket’s sparkling waters. The combination of blues in the logo reflects the azure waters and brilliant skies of the Andaman Sea.

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