Philip Kotler to Deliver Series of Lectures This Week With Ad Stars

The lectures will be released on three days: December 15th (Wednesday), 17th (Friday), and 20th (Monday).

Philip Kotler, known by many as the father of marketing, will present a special lecture through Ad Stars on new marketing strategies in the COVID-19 era.

The lecture will discuss a new breakthrough in marketing strategies for companies and marketers based on the following topics: understanding the current market, the future of marketing, and planning your marketing.

Kotler will also talk about next-generation marketing strategies that can penetrate the essence of marketing in the digital civilization era and create the consumption experience consumers want.


The lecture will be released on three days: December 15th (Wednesday), 17th (Friday), and 20th (Monday). Viewers will be able to watch the lecture in either Korean or English through the Ad Stars website ( or the Global MAD Academy website (, an online practical educational platform operated by Ad Stars.

Philip Kotler is currently a Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business (located in the United States). He has received 12 honorary doctorates from some of the world’s leading universities. He was voted number one in marketing by the American Marketing Association and named the business guru by the Financial Times along with Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, and Jack Welch.

Philip Kotler published Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity (2021), an economic management book in addition to a number of others. In his book, he emphasized the fact that we are now in the marketing 5.0 era due to the acceleration of digital technology, non-face-to-face contact in everyday life, and the coexistence of various consumers. He stressed the need to enhance the value of the customer experience by leveraging next-generation technologies in a newly changed world.

“It is a rare opportunity to hear the voice of Philip Kotler, a legend in marketing,” said Hwanjin Choi, chairperson of the Ad Stars Executive Committee


“I hope that the view and insight of the marketing master of the global market will be of practical use to many people.” Ad Stars is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Busan Metropolitan City. AD STARS was held online with the theme of “Shift”, meaning the marketing paradigm shift in the COVID-19 era, from August 25th (Wednesday) to 27th (Friday).


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