P&G’s #MaafIbuDiHidupku Campaign via BBDO Indonesia

    By The Staff - Jun 17, 2020
    P&G’s #MaafIbuDiHidupku Campaign via BBDO Indonesia

    P&G Indonesia has awarded its annual Maaf Ibu campaign to BBDO Indonesia this year. For the Ramadan-themed campaign “The Tests of Life”, the brand encourages people to reflect on and appreciate the unseen yet definitive role of mothers in helping us cope with many trying and life-changing moments that we experience.

    The collaboration between P&G and BBDO launched the #MaafIbuDiHidupku (Mother’s Forgiveness In My Life) campaign in its fourth consecutive year, making it even more relevant to the audiences as 2020 brought forth unforgettable and unanticipated tests of life for the people of Indonesia.

    “We see 2020 as a year where people globally experience various forms of life tests that are very diverse and special,” said Aldrich Gopal, Head of Marketing for P&G Indonesia. “As many Indonesians celebrated the first-of-its-kind #StayHome Eid, we were reminded that our hearts are closer despite the distance. P&G humbly presented the #MaafIbuDiHidupku campaign for Indonesians with a strong message in the spirit of Ramadan and Eid: Even though the challenges separated us and forced us to #StayHome, the role and prayers of our mothers always remain with us.”

    The campaign was launched with the #MaafIbuDiHidupku video on Pantene Indonesia YouTube channel on April 23, 2020 and has thus far reached than 27 million viewers said BBDO.

    P&G and BBDO Indonesia collaborated with media partner MRA Indonesia Media Group for the Ramadan Maaf Ibu Campaign to build more stories about the role of mothers during this pandemic. P&G and BBDO also held a virtual press conference for the first time to share news about P&G’s Ramadan Maaf Ibu 2020.

    Syeda Ayesha, Executive Creative Director of BBDO Indonesia expressed her enthusiasm on BBDO Indonesia being entrusted to lead this campaign.

    “I am humbly delighted to have led the creation and execution of #MaafIbuDiHidupku and proud that BBDO Indonesia was once again trusted by P&G to craft this campaign. From ideation to production, this has been an amazing emotional journey, making us realize and acknowledge the unwavering support and love of our mothers – wherever they may be – that help us pass the tests of life, including the current #DiRumahAja. Maaf Ibu is one of BBDO Indonesia’s finest creative output that underpins our 2020 mantra of #AspireBBDOID.”

    “The core insight of this campaign really hits home and resonates with all Indonesians,” said Ezra Nathannael, Head of Planning of BBDO Indonesia. “A mother’s role in supporting her children to pass the test of life is undeniably true and often overlooked. We hope that this campaign served as a reminder, especially during Ramadan, to not take our mothers for granted, express our gratitude, and ask forgiveness from them. We also hope that #MaafIbuDihidupku brought us closer to our families during #DiRumahAja moments, regardless of physical distances.”

    “Maaf Ibu” literally translates to “Sorry Mother”, a local derivative inspired by P&G’s Global “Thank You Mom” campaign. It encapsulates two Indonesian traditions of Ramadan; firstly of thanking mothers for their unconditional love and affection and secondly of sungkem – seeking forgiveness from parents and elders. P&G found its way into conversations through the role of a mother in a family, and after 3 successful Maaf Ibu campaigns (i.e. 2017 Musical Concept Maaf Ibu, 2018 Asian Games Maaf Ibu and 2019 Election Maaf Ibu), BBDO helped P&G make 2020’s Maaf Ibu even more relevant to the audiences than before.


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