Pets Join a Record-Breaking Zoom Call To Help Animals in Shelters

Late last month, 293 pets gathered on Zoom with their humans (or slaves as some might like to call them) to raise awareness of the plight of their fellow animals in shelters across Singapore. The Zoom call not only saw dogs and cats, but also featured hamsters, rabbits, birds, and a tortoise.

Where else would these animals be able to meet each other so harmoniously?

This virtual event was conceptualized by eCommerce platform perromart to further cement the bond between pets and humans, even during the Circuit Breaker in Singapore. The aim of the initiative was for the pets and humans at home to come together for something meaningful as well as to set a record with the Singapore Book of Records for the largest online gathering of pets and their owners!


The Circuit Breaker has not only cast a dry spell on all pet adoptions but has also caused financial struggles for shelters as they are unable to raise funds. The hope was to raise 500kg of food for the shelters. For every pet that joined the Zoom call with their humans, perromart donated 1 kg of dog and cat food to animal shelters. With the help from generous sponsors including brands like Heka, Nutrience, Taste of the Wild, Addiction and Nurture Pro, perromart, the adorable pets, and their owners successfully donated 500kg of pet food to animal shelters instead of what would have been 293kg.

During the 30-minute Zoom call hosted by radio DJ Jill, from Kiss92, pet owners were not only able to connect with each other and interact with each other but also had an educational session with guest veterinarian, Dr. Tham from Jireh Veterinary Clinic.

“It was really fun being able to spot my friends on the call and sharing a photo moment of us setting the record together,” said Jeanette Tan, 27, who owns a 10-year old Shih Tzu, Mochi. “It was not only a fun and innovative event to have during this circuit breaker but I was happy to be part of this great initiative! I’m definitely looking forward to more events like this!”

The beneficiaries receiving these food donations are Causes for Animals – Singapore, F7-Friends of Seven, HOPE Dog Rescue, SGPawsAngels, MercyLight, and Animal Lovers League. Home to countless animals who are abandoned or strays, these shelters need your help more than ever. Even after this event, the shelters would still require constant food, supplies, or monetary contribution. Help make a donation to these shelters or consider adopting or fostering a pet.


As always, every little bit counts.

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