PermataBank Appoints M&C Saatchi Following Competitive Pitch

    By The Staff - Aug 4, 2021
    PermataBank Appoints M&C Saatchi Following Competitive Pitch

    Anish Daryani, Founder and President Director of M&C Saatchi Indonesia

    M&C Saatchi has won the PermataBank account following a multi-agency pitch that saw five agencies participate. The scope of work includes ATL, BTL and Digital.

    The account was previously headed up by Narrada Communications.

    “We were thrilled by M&C Saatchi’s innovative approach to brand building, and seamless integration with digital solutions,” said Glenn Ranti, Division Head Marketing Communication, PermataBank.


    “Our business is at the cusp of change, and we needed a partner with strong digital capabilities, and with ears to the ground to provide insightful ideas that resonate with our consumers, especially the younger millennials. We hope to develop a strong partnership with M&C Saatchi in the coming years.”

    According to a release, the bank is focused on creating innovative digital banking experiences for its customers, with PermataMobile X super app and PermataNet internet banking being its leading digital banking platforms, and PermataME as their flagship product targeting younger millennials.

    “PermataBank is a dream client to have, since we’re able to actualise our global vision of navigating, creating and leading meaningful change,” added Anish Daryani, Founder and President Director, M&C Saatchi Indonesia.


    “The brand is undergoing a major transformation, and our ability to simplify change for all stakeholders will make the brand more appealing to consumers. It will also help us hone our skills in the financial services category. Our team is excited to create many case studies and do award winning work on PermataBank.”

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