Pepsi Takes Aim at Coke with Missy Elliott and H.E.R. Covering Rolling Stones ‘Paint it Black’

Pepsi has tapped Missy Elliott and H.E.R. for an ad pitching Pepsi Zero Sugar during the Super Bowl. The 30-second spot is clearly aimed at its arch-rival Coca-Cola with the opening scene showing H.E.R. and a large crowd having their red soda cans transformed into black, Pepsi Zero Sugar cans.

Sure, the cans say “Cola” but the reference couldn’t be more obvious with Pepsi using Coca-Cola’s typeface while in the background you can see Coke’s well-known wave symbol.

The whole spot is anchored by a cover of The Rolling Stones’ classic song “Paint It Black”.

In a statement, Pepsi said the spot was inspired by “Missy Elliott music videos and past iconic Pepsi spots with some of music’s biggest stars.”

“I’ve been following H.E.R.’s career closely; her talent is undeniable,” said Missy Elliott.

“When the opportunity came up, to not just work together but collaborate and create something all our own, we had to make it happen. I called up Timbaland and Sean Bankhead, I got the best of the best to make sure we brought the noise and did Pepsi Zero Sugar right.”



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