Pepsi Celebrates Noche Buena With Christmas Blockbusters in The Philippines

Bearing in mind that movie theatres and events are still transitioning to the “new normal”, Pepsi, has partnered with BBDO Guerrero to create the Pepsi Hit Sa Sarap Christmas Blockbusters – an ode to the genres that define Philippine cinema. With three short, digital films, that use the same Pepsi script.

The storyline revolves around one scene – a traditional Noche buena. The first film “Familia Noche Buena” (The Family Dinner) takes on a dramatic holiday get-together.

May Kumagat sa Dilim” (Something Bites in the Dark) puts a supernatural Pinoy spin on things.


Finally, Eats Sarap 2B With U Again” (Eats Good 2B with U Again) takes on a slapstick comedy for a cheeky session with friends. 



The film features Pepsi endorsers and influencers: Pam Swing, Ricci Rivero, and I Mimiyuhh. Alongside longtime endorsers and seasoned actors, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

“Pepsi wanted to create something different this year,” said Mikey Rosales, Marketing Director of PepsiCo Philippines.

“While most of us are celebrating another Christmas at home, we also know that get-togethers might not always be cheerful – it can be dramatic at times – but together with Pepsi, there’s always some fun to be found in the sharing, the bonding, and of course, a tall glass of Pepsi.”

David Guerrero, Chairman of BBDO Guerrero added, “What’s great about this is that we brought the spirit of Filipino film festivals into the audience’s homes. A light-hearted reminder of what we used to enjoy outside, and put a spin on it to spread good vibes and cheer to families and friends celebrating the yuletide seasons in their homes”.

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