PENNY Amplifies Children’s Voices In Seasonal Social Awareness Campaign

“Children are our future. This makes it all the more important to listen to them and see the world through their eyes.”

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As part of PENNY’s new campaign ‘The Kids’ sets out to make their voices heard in a world dealing with climate change, inflation, war, societal division, and inequality.

According to the campaign, how we deal with these pressing issues influences the future of our society. However, those most impacted by these future outcomes – our children – are usually not asked for their opinions or wishes.

Through its annual social awareness campaigns, PENNY looks to amplify the voices of those who are frequently overlooked. Following the 2022 Cannes Lions Film Craft Grand Prix-winning ‘The Wish’, and highly acclaimed “The Rift”, PENNY is championing the needs and desires of children and young people through this year’s initiative: “The Kids.”


To achieve this, PENNY reached out to children and young individuals from the clubs that the discount store has been supporting since 2015 through the “Förderpenny” initiative, asking them about their hopes for the future.

Over 100 youth clubs and social initiatives from across Germany participated. PENNY customers can contribute to the “Förderpenny” initiative, supporting young people by rounding up their total at the checkout or by donating the refund they receive from recycling their plastic bottles at the store.

Stefan Görgens, COO of PENNY said: “Children are our future. This makes it all the more important to listen to them and see the world through their eyes.


Through our ‘Förderpenny’ initiative, we have been able to see firsthand for years what they are missing and what they want. We would like to use our reach to provide a stage for this.”

Image via Serviceplan

“I’m thrilled with PENNY and how determined, committed and empathetically the brand keeps speaking out, in order to give children and young people a voice,” said adds Christoph Everke, Creative Managing Partner at PENNY lead agency Serviceplan Campaign..

“Especially before Christmas, a holiday centred around children, it is of great importance to point out how often they are overheard. We did everything we could to make this as intense and authentic as possible.”

The campaign’s starting point was rooted in actively listening to the youth. The narratives portrayed in the film draw inspiration from real-life responses PENNY received through the ‘Förderpenny’ clubs. It presents children and young people in various typical situations where their needs and desires are not heard, highlighting their genuine conflicts and concerns.

Image via Serviceplan

The PENNY Christmas film was produced by Akkurat Studios and directed by Gregory Ohrel. Watch here.

The campaign additionally includes a series of attention-grabbing out-of-home placements of the wishes is planned around Children’s Rights Day on the 20th of November.


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