Pedigree Promotes Starting a Family With a Pup in Funny Campaign

Pedigree, after finding that 83% of millennials were delaying parenting, has set out to create a life-stage between life-stages, to find loving homes for shelter dogs.

The latest adoption campaign throws light-hearted support behind couples putting off their parenting plans and suggests a dog could be a great way to start their families instead.

In the funny spots, the troubles and worries of having a child are tossed aside for the more laidback lifestyle of raising a pup.


Pedigree aims to turn millennials’ parenting hesitancy into a big thing for shelter dogs.

“Pedigreeexists to make the world a better place for dogs,” said Fabio Alings – Global Brand Director Pedigree. “That’s why ending dog homelessness is a commitment that’s a big part of our DNA. If that means seeking out the tentative pre-parents of the world and offering them a baby-step into parenting, we’ll do it. After all, dogs are a great segue into family responsibilities.”

“There are young couples settling down everywhere, and while they might not be ready for kids, these loving homes represent a huge opportunity for dogs,” said Cormac van den Hoofdakker – Segment Marketing Manager. “For Pedigree, a company with a long history of helping shelter dogs, it’s an insight and a campaign that aligns perfectly with our mission.”


The campaign launches with a film celebrating dog-parents, OOH that shows that puppy love is very real, nursery-rhyme radio that provides an interesting taste of parenthood, and even goes as far as to offer an online presentation to convince a reluctant partner to ‘fetch a few more years’.

“It’s a wonderful moment in a young couple’s relationship when you both look deep into each other’s eyes and realize you want to start a family together… with a dog,” said Dan Wright, Group Executive Creative Director, Colenso BBDO.

Take a baby step into parenting, with Pedigree®.


Client: MARS
Client: Fabio Alings, Global Brand Director Pedigree
Client: Cormac Van Den Hoofdakker, Segment marketing manager – PET
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Production Company: 3&7
Photographer: Steven Boniface
Media Agency: Wavemaker

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