‘Passed the Brush’ Declared Winner in Vertifilms 2020

    By The Staff - Dec 1, 2020
    ‘Passed the Brush’ Declared Winner in Vertifilms 2020

    Vertifilms Prague 2020, a festival of vertical films, announced “Passed the Brush” as the winner of the Tall Idea Award 2020.

    The TikTok film was directed by Leif Gantvoort from the USA. The story revolves around a man who has a makeup brush fall into his lap; he is challenged to find meaning in what it is and who he is.

    “The decision of Jury was unanimous,” said Founder and Director of Vertifilms Prague Kristof Safer. “Director Leif Gantvoort was very creative by using the vertical format and established visual style that was immediately copied on social networks. The Jury also announced four Honourable mentions and three Special mentions, in which awarded outstanding vertical films, which brought some outstanding value to its story.”

    The main award was presented by the Hana Třeštíková, the Prague City Councillor.

    “More and more people are intrigued by the vertical formats in film making,” added Tay Guan Hin, Chief Creative Officer BBDO Singapore, and vertical storyteller. “I am excited and positively surprised by how people are consuming content this way. During the official awards ceremony, we received 20.000+ views, most of them on mobile phones. I believe this trend will continue to grow.”

    All films also entered public voting. The Audience Award, supported by Red Bull won the film The first Single, director Gianlorenzo De Donno from Italy, which received 3,314 votes. Together people gave 13,321 votes to films.

    The Festival presented more than 100 vertical films on www.vertifilms.com. Films are available for the public until November 30, 2020.

    A part of the festival is also the Pocket conference, in which keynote speakers shared their insights on vertical format. Adam Alshin and Paul Wysocan the global creative directors for Apple iPhone, who created The Stunt Double, directed by Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle spoke. As did Walter Woodman from Canadian creative boutique shy kids who presented his Emmy Nominated show The Content.

    Following films have been awarded:

    Tall Idea Prague

    Passed the Brush – Director: Leif Gantvoort

    Honorable mention:

    For concept idea and art direction

    From skin’s chest
    Directors: Rudolfo Auffinger, Keythe Tavares, Brazil

    For vertical cinematography and direction

    Director: Aleksandra Matlingiewicz, Poland

    For vertical cinematography

    My Life: Something Different
    Director: Jan Moravec, Czech republic

    For an outstanding story and vertical cinematography

    Director: Maitha Alawadi, United Kingdom

    Special Mention:

    For vertical cinematography

    Wind Spirit
    Directors: Konrad Miklaszewski, Andrzej Kosma Perliński, Poland

    For art direction

    Dream Circles
    Director: Nicolas Dozol, Switzerland

    For concept idea

    Where it all starts
    Director: Jakub Volák, Czech Republic


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