Parineeti Chopra Reacts Six Different Ways to Getting Her Purse Snatched

Nivea has launched a campaign in India called #UnlockYourSparkle, featuring brand ambassador Parineeti Chopra, who urges young women to “fearlessly flaunt” what makes them unique.

The campaign, conceptualized by DigitasLBi, features one story in six different clips with six different endings. Parineeti Chopra stars in the films and plays six characters who is reacts to having her purse snatched in six different ways.

The campaign urges women to celebrate their unique personality and derives its insight from personality traits. People with different personalities react to a given situation in different ways, giving different perspectives to the same situation.


“I love the new NIVEA Sparkle lip care range and I know young girls would enjoy using them too,” said Parineeti Chopra, Brand Ambassador, NIVEA Lip Care. “The digital film series is unique in its approach because of the six different narratives and it almost felt like shooting a film show-reel. I also believe that it is one the smartest campaigns as it portrays six different personalities, and interestingly there is this one single product that suits them all.”

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