Pandora and Carat Hong Kong Launch ‘Be Love Hong Kong’ CGI Campaign

Images via Carat

Jewelry brand, Pandora, has partnered with Carat Hong Kong, a dentsu company, on the latest “Be Love Hong Kong” exclusive charm campaign. This collaborative effort aims to highlight the charm’s inspiration from Hong Kong’s iconic neon sign culture with an eye toward Gen Z and young millennial individuals.

Recognizing the importance of individuality and self-expression among the target demographic, Carat Hong Kong said it strategized a visually striking faux-out-of-home CGI video that showcases the Hong Kong Neon Sign Dangle Charm against the backdrop of the city’s vibrant neon light installations.

The approach not only showcases the charm’s distinctive design featuring the Chinese characters of Hong Kong (香港) but also taps into the deep personal connection young consumers have with Hong Kong’s cultural identity – a reminder of home or of a trip you will never forget, the agency said.


“Pandora’s brand purpose is to craft jewelry that celebrates life’s cherished moments and gives a voice to people’s passions and relationships,” said Iris Luk, Retail Director at Pandora Hong Kong and Macau.

“In collaboration with Carat Hong Kong, we have created an immersive experience with our ‘Be Love Hong Kong’ campaign that celebrates the power of one’s continuous journey of growth and self-discovery. Infused with the city’s unique local and people-centric spirit, the campaign empowers our young audience to express their unique and meaningful stories, memories, and life journeys that matter most to them.”

“We’re thrilled to launch this hyper-localized campaign with our long-term partner, Pandora,” said Polly Ip, Business Director at Carat Hong Kong.


“Neon lights are cherished icons of Hong Kong’s vibrant culture, and the limitless creative potential of CGI allows us to infuse extra excitement and visual intrigue. This is driving viral sharing and earned exposure to amplify the campaign’s impact, which will captivate both brand enthusiasts and new customers.”


Pandora Hong Kong
Vice President, Marketing, Greater China: Jeremy Jiang
Retail Director, Hong Kong and Macau: Iris Luk
Go‑To‑Market Manager, Marketing: Angel Mak

Carat Hong Kong
Business Director: Polly Ip
Senior Digital Performance Manager: Mia Mak
Associate Digital Performance Manager: Stephanie Ng
Digital Performance Executive: Vincent Tang

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