Pakistan’s Bykea Campaign Promotes New Functionality

Bykea, self-branded as the “Super App of Pakistan” is an all in one app for transportation, logistics and cash on delivery payments. After raising $5.7m around two months back, the company is now putting the money to good use by building their brand identity and introducing useful features to the app. 

To enhance their brand identity and messaging, Bykea introduced a 70-second spot with the catchy slogan “Bykea Toh Samjho Bhai Kia” (Bykea – As Helpful as a Brother). By playing on the company’s name and the urdu word for brother (Bhai) the company successfully taps into the Pakistani culture of aiding others like a brother. The jingle is catchy and the visuals capture the essence of what the services entails effectively. 


Bykea is a platform that enables a crowdsourced fleet to offer a variety of services; ride sharing, delivery, and payments therefore the entire theme of our new slogan focuses on reliability and trust between the Customer and our Driver Partners,” said Danish Khalid, the Manager of public Relations. 

Aiming to make the lives of their users easier, the company has also introduced a 

“Missed Call”. The feature is option targeted towards people with feature phones or those not having low mobile balance or cellular data. This feature will allow mobile users to book rides or order deliveries in a cost-efficient manner without having to deal with a complicated IVR. This is a great move as the company successfully taps into the Pakistani mindset of relying on leaving missed calls as a way of requesting a call-back. 

The users can simply leave a missed call on Bykea’s easy to remember number “0307-1234567” and they will receive a call back immediately. Once all required information is gathered and verified by the customer service representative, a ride for the user is arranged followed by the Bykea Driver Partner showing up at the desired location within minutes.


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