Out of Home Advertising Association of the Philippines Partners with Moving Walls

The Out of Home Advertising Association of the Philippines has signed an MOU with Moving Walls Philippines to utilize its Moving Audiences platform to step up measurement, transparency, and accountability for Out-of-Home.

The development is also seen as a positive reinforcement of MSAP’s goal of establishing a common OOH currency using the ad-tech company’s data.

The agreement will enable OHAAP member companies owning billboard panels, LED screens, and other outdoor advertising platforms to have a valuable and accessible audience measurement.


The aim is for members to be able to plan static and Digital OOH campaigns more holistically while adopting a data-first approach to its programmatic campaigns with advanced capabilities such as dynamic ad-content serving, audience retargeting, use of various triggers such as weather and time-belting.

By connecting to Moving Walls network of 35,000 global connected sites, member companies will be able to plan automated Outernet campaigns as the platform enables the collection of location intelligence data for both static and digital outdoor media sites.

The Filipino market’s OOH ad spends sit at 11.2%, well over the global average of 7.4%. The percentage is expected to increase as OOH becomes more relevant.  PWC also notes a trend that countries with measurement tools lead the way in growth in the OOH industry.


“Having a common currency makes the medium more responsible. Advertisers know exactly what they are spending for and this helps to generate trust,” said Alex P. Montanez, OHAAP Chairman.

“Location Intelligence strengthens the OOH media platform as an effective media channel, which aligns it to other measured media such as TV, Radio, Print, and Digital. This agreement ushers in the era of digital and uplift the profile of the OOH industry and deliver substantial value to clients of various revenue sizes.”


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