Oreo Tet Ad in Vietnam – Granddaughter & Grandma Battle Tech Obsession

    By The Staff - Jan 13, 2020
    Oreo Tet Ad in Vietnam – Granddaughter & Grandma Battle Tech Obsession

    Oreo has partnered with its agency FCB Jakarta, to create a pair of spots to celebrate the 2020 Lunar New Year in South East Asia.

    Tet in Vietnam

    The first film, for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Tết, features the new Oreo gift box and the accompanying Oreo music sheet. When consumers scan it withy a smartphone with a cookie placed on the sheet, it plays a set of popular Vietnamese tunes.

    In this, a granny and her granddaughter save the day, and the Tết family dinner, from the grip of hi-tech digital devices with the help of Oreo and a low-tech traditional percussive instrument. The two generations playfully jam together and play a popular tune to bring their family closer, and get them off their devices.

    Chinese Lunar New Year

    The second film, for the Chinese Lunar New Year, launches the new Oreo Red Velvet variant of the cookie.  This plays well with the season considering how auspicious and relevant the color red is to Chinese New Year, and Chinese culture.

    The campaign was created by FCB Jakarta, and produced in Malaysia by Directors Think Tank.


    Agency: FCB Jakarta
    Managing Director: Sony Nichani Executive Creative Director: Ravi Shanker Creative Director: Swapnil Kambli
    Art director: Anastasia
    Account Director: Roma Das
    Account Manager: Winda Fitriyanni Agency Producer: Yuni Pratomo


    Company – Directors Think Tank Director – Kiran Koshy Executive Producer – Pat Singh Producer – Emylee Kumar

    DOP – Julian Oh
    AD – Heng Deshen Editor – Dave Singh Music – 2AM, KL
    Mix – KK, 2AM
    Finish – VHQ, KL Colorist – Nash, VHQ Online – June, VHQ

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