Orchestration Took Over the Marketing Campaigns Approach

The campaign-only approach began its slow death as the digital ecosystem kept exploding.

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Death of Campaign Only approach

The good old days of marketing primarily consisted of a “campaign” approach. The brief would be worked upon by planners, the creative would come up with a campaign idea which would then be executed on selected touch-points of the media plan.

The campaign-only approach started a slow death as the digital ecosystem kept exploding.

The main highlights of this approach are:


a) A campaign has a set start and end date

b) It consists of a set of campaign assets/content

c) There is seldom any agility in tweaking/optimizing the creative execution while the campaign is live

Long Live Consumer Journey

Modern marketing takes a different view for it begins with Consumer Journey:


a) Consumer Journeys are nonlinear and can be complex

b) There are many CJ’s

c) The customer’s needs, motivations, and barriers are all mapped in the process

d) Always on execution plan to build content, have right media pushing towards next destination all the way from discovery to conversion giving excellent customer experience

e) It is a loop – it never ends!

The Orchestrators

Once the mapping is done, it is then taken up by specialist teams to run the marketing activities on all the touch points from search, content, websites, media, platforms, and e-commerce.

How does the orchestrator know what’s working and what is not?

Thanks to digital tools and analytics, one gets real-time data from the performance of each touchpoint to attribution to conversion. This allows the orchestrator to make necessary optimizations and changes wherever required.

Play the Symphony

For many of the readers, this seems like pretty much common sense. For many, it can trigger a question to how they approach modern marketing. You might be a specialist playing a specific instrument in the orchestra ( SEO specialist, UX designer, Content planner, media partnership expert) but never forget the symphony you are playing as a group!

The views expressed in this article are personal, and not necessarily those of the author’s employer.

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