OpenX Increases Expansion into APAC – Completes SSP Integrations with Google Cloud Platform

Unlocking significant advantages in speed and scalability, today OpenX announced that the engineering and technical integrations for its partnership with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are complete. Building a technical advantage through its partnership with Google, OpenX is ready to scale in the region with the GCP which moves the SSP’s entire exchange into the cloud, operating without on-premise servers.

According to John Gentry, President of OpenX, these investments in technology and people have enabled OpenX to become the largest independent ad exchange in Japan, adding that the SSP is positioned to build on this success to become the leading independent exchange throughout APAC.

“OpenX has built a reputation as the highest quality exchange in advertising, and after being on the ground for six months, it’s clear to me that OpenX is meeting a need in the APAC market that no other programmatic exchange can fill,” said Andrew Tu, MD of APAC for OpenX.


According to OpenX, this unlocks significant advantages in speed and scalability that will deliver efficiencies and returns on investment for advertisers, agencies, and publishers. The completion of the six-month engineering deployment with Google means that OpenX has become the first SSP to move all workloads fully into the public cloud.

APAC Expansion

While this opens the ten-year-old advertising technology company to Singapore and Australia, the remaining region will see expansion once OpenX goes fully live in the cloud by Q4 of 2019. In Singapore, OpenX announced the hiring of Cheryl Tan as Account Director. Reporting to Tu, Tan will work with agencies, programmatic buyers, and internal stakeholders to drive revenue.

“With a strongly differentiated technical foundation in the cloud, and a disruptive and innovative product pipeline that is unlike anything else in the market today, we are ramping and scaling our business like never before, and we’ll be dramatically increasing the number of partners we have in the region over the coming months,” said Tu.

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed is a Correspondent for Branding In Asia.

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