OOHA Offers a ‘Sip of Surprise’ in New Campaign Via WPP Open X

The campaign tapped artists Craig Redman and Karl Maier to transform everyday objects into whimsical works of art.

As part of a new campaign for OOHA, the Coca-Cola Company is inviting consumers to embrace elements of surprise in their daily lives. The campaign, ‘Lighten Up! With a sip of surprise’, for the brand’s sparkling water, was created by WPP Open X, Coca-Cola’s dedicated agency.

Led by VMLY&R Commerce with Ogilvy and EssenceMediacom, the campaign features a mixed reality experience that uses simple colorful 2D graphics to enhance real-life scenarios, encouraging consumers to “open their eyes to the potential of surprise and delight hidden in the ordinary.”

The campaign tapped artists Craig Redman and Karl Maier to transform everyday objects into whimsical works of art, which were applied to everything from OOHA’s packaging to real-world installations. Highlights include a bus stop in the shape of a giant seesaw and the inside of a subway car transformed with an underwater theme, each showcasing how the sparkling beverage offers their consumers a chance to ‘escape the ordinary’.


The campaign ran across out-of-home (OOH), social media platforms, digital applications, and artistic installations at busy commuter touchpoints. AR filters make the campaign interactive, allowing users to inject colorful 2D illustrations into their daily routines.

Coming together in a tight timeframe with parallel workstreams, WPP Open X worked closely with OOHA to build awareness through brand purpose and positioning for the light, sparkling beverage that has only recently launched, as well as profile its audiences and develop and deploy the campaign experience across Greater China and North America.

The two diverse markets, while differing greatly in culture and community, share one important insight. In both locations, the speed and convenience of daily life, driven by the high penetration of mobile devices and a booming service economy, has led to greater comfort and greater conformity. Consumers chase a life that is increasingly free of hassle, but that also means it becomes increasingly predictable.


“In today’s convenient yet predictable world, we are excited to offer consumers a chance to explore new and surprising experiences, discovering the pleasure and possibility that can start from just a simple change,” said Andrew Chua, TCCC Creative Lead,

“We look forward to unlocking more growth in the light sparkling segment by reinforcing our brand identity as a flavour-filled reminder of the joy that is waiting to be uncovered in the everyday. With OOHA, surprise is only a sip away.”

Gerald Tan, WPP Open X Charter Lead, added: “We brought this strategy to life with a creative idea rooted in the everyday. Our goal was to make an impact by meeting consumers in the middle of their own lives and experiences, and this ultimately paid off in the designs we collaborated on with our artist partners.

With WPP Open X’s strategic and creative approach, we helped make every mundane moment a little bit lighter and refreshing with OOHA.”


Client: Coca-Cola
Sally Cheng – Category & Charter Lead
Andrew Chua – Creative Lead
Laura Legrenzi – Creative
Emile Cheung – IMX
Jason Tong – PMO

Creative Agency: WPP Open X
Gerald Tan – Charter Lead
Valerie Madon – Ex-Charter Creative Lead
Jorge Thauby – Executive Creative Director
Arjun Paul – Creative Strategy Lead
Jake Soh – HSTC Category Lead
Meha Verghese – E2E Strategy Lead
Emmy He – E2E Strategy Director
Hoong Yun Peng – Project Lead
Alex Tan – Creative Lead
Kate Tong – Creative Director
Maurice Fang – Executive Creative Director
Tiger Chen – Creative Director
Desmond Ng – Planning Director
Summer Shi – Account Director
Sakura Feng – Account Manager
Bernice Lim – Account Manager
Stephanie DeCelles – Executive Director Client Engagement
Nat Carrey – Managing Director
Andrea McDowell – Director of Client Engagement
Tiffany Hu – Managing Partner
Emma Chen – Vice President
Yvonne Kang – Senior Account Director
Jessie Wang – Senior Account Manager

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