One Year into GDPR – What Does it Mean for CMOs?

A year after the GDPR has been implemented, the regulation has changed the face of digital marketing forever, drastically altering the industry landscape. It has forced marketers to relinquish much of their dependence on behavioral data collection, and most critically, directly impact business practices that form the core of current digital advertisement targeting.

What we are seeing now is other regions following suit as consumers have taken greater ownership of data, making it clear that they value their privacy.

It is now up to marketers to take these new regulations into account and adjust accordingly, ensuring that every campaign or advertisement is GDPR compliant, having to make use of methods that are capable of personalizing content within those guidelines and offers a solution that works in tandem with social media networks.


The GDPR’s impacts one year on

In the beginning, it was a great success for the consumer, someone finally protecting them, but no one really realized how that was going to impact marketers.

Today, following the announcements from Google, from Mozilla, from Apple about changes in the browsers and basically blocking cookies to track consumers across different sites, that means a lot for marketers.

Think about your retargeting, think about your attribution model, think about your real-time bidding and the profile that you’re sharing on these exchanges. It means a lot.

GDPR-safe marketing is the way forward to think and focus not on the individual, but focus on your audience, about their interests, about the demographics, and let the social media networks do the personalization and serve that relevant content to the individual. Marketers should focus on creating the content that resonates with the audiences the most effectively.


The new face of personalized content

Content personalization in the era of GDPR is a bit different.

You no longer need to create content to target the individual, you need to inspire your content creators on the particular marketing persona you want to go after and once they’re creating that content hand it to the social networks and they will deal with the last mile of personalization.

GDPR-safe marketing means understanding your audience, not the individuals, but creating and selecting the right marketing persona for each of the products or each of the campaigns that you want to promote.

The new GDPR-centric direction for CMOs

In the last five years, CMOs were focusing on bringing on board more and more marketing tech.

However, we ended up with over 7,000 tools out there, each operating in a silo, each requires different skills of people to operate and really understand how to get the best out of this.

Today the complexity and the lack of talent pose a completely different challenge for CMOs, so the way forward in the future is more about a unified marketing platform where the use cases are implemented end to end and this is an operational system with a similar data-set where everything is connected together.

So, you no longer need to operate each tool in a silo. You no longer need to plug the data from one system into another just to understand what’s going on.

In a unified marketing platform environment, everything is already there.

You need to focus on the operation, you need to focus on productivity, and of course focus on the results and the platform will provide you everything you need for a seamless experience. It is smart and it is very impactful for your campaign.

Yuval Ben Itzhak, Chief Executive Officer, Socialbakers, contributed to this article.

Charles Tidswell

Charles Tidswell

Charles is Vice-President JAPAC at Socialbakers

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