Omnicom Media Group Makes Four Changes to Senior Leadership

    The shakeup includes the appointment of Clement Chung and Florence Wong as CEOs of PHD Hong Kong and OMD Hong Kong respectively.

    By The Staff - Feb 24, 2021
    Omnicom Media Group Makes Four Changes to Senior Leadership

    Omnicom Media Group has made changes to its leadership structure in Hong Kong, promoting four management members within the organization. PHD and OMD, global anchor brands within OMG, will both have individual CEOs to power their respective brand ambitions in Hong Kong.

    On the agency brand side:

    • Clement Chung, Managing Director of PHD Hong Kong, has been promoted to CEO of PHD Hong Kong.
    • Florence Wong, Managing Partner at OMG Hong Kong, has been promoted to CEO of OMD Hong Kong.

    On the OMG front:

    • Gary Wong, Managing Director of OMD Hong Kong, has been promoted to the role of Chief Operations Officer at OMG Hong Kong.
    • Derek Yip, General Manager of Investment and Trading at OMG Hong Kong, has been promoted to Chief Investment and Trading Officer at OMG Hong Kong.

    Along with Eva Chan, Chief Financial Controller at OMG Hong Kong, the new senior leadership team line-up will be responsible for driving continued growth, stability and innovation for the network in Hong Kong.

    “Clement, Derek, Florence and Gary have been the unsung heroes of OMG Hong Kong, successfully driving growth and momentum for the network, as well as serving as bastions of the organization. As such, promoting them to collectively lead OMG Hong Kong was a natural decision,” said Tony Harradine, CEO, OMG APAC.

    “With their combined experience and expertise, we have a formidable leadership team bar none, and I have full confidence in their ability to accelerate our business and growth mandate in Hong Kong,” he added,

    Chung, who has been with PHD Hong Kong since its inception, has over 20 years of experience across multiple client categories such as FMCG, banking & finance, insurance, telecommunications, travel and automotive. He will continue to helm PHD Hong Kong.

    Similarly, Florence Wong has over 25 years of experience working across several North Asia markets. In her new role as CEO of OMD Hong Kong, she will build on the success and momentum of the agency.

    Gary Wong has led OMD Hong Kong since 2018. In his new role, he will be responsible for landing key initiatives that will set the network up for operational success.

    Yip has played a pivotal role in successfully driving OMG Hong Kong’s revenue growth as GM of Investment and Trading. As Chief Investment and Trading Officer, he will aim to help clients maximize ROI and value through media-first solutions.

    “Clement has done a phenomenal job in helping our clients in Hong Kong make the leap. Not only is he an experienced, skilled and innovative thinker, Clement is also a stabilizing force and an exemplary leader to our employees. This promotion is well-deserved, and I couldn’t have asked for a better leader to continue steering and charting the success of PHD in Hong Kong,” said James Hawkins, CEO of PHD APAC.

    All four newly elevated leaders will report directly into Tony Harradine and assume their new roles immediately. Additionally, Clement and Florence will also have a dotted reporting line into their respective brand leaders in APAC.

    “As a seasoned and experienced client leader, Florence is well-placed to support and drive OMD’s ethos of helping clients make better decisions faster through an empathetic understanding of consumer behavior,” Stephen Li, CEO of OMD APAC.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gary for his part in building OMD Hong Kong into an organization that is primed for tomorrow, and I look forward to working with Florence to continue extending our market lead as a dynamic and modern agency.”

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