Omnicom Beats Estimates With an 11.5% Rise in Organic Revenues for Q3 2021

John Wren, Omnicom CEO

Omnicom Group Q3 2021 results have surpassed analyst estimates with an impressive 11.5% rise in organic growth to $3.4 billion. This marks a significant turnaround from Q3 the previous year when the company saw an 11.7% decline.

Earnings of $1.65 per share beat the consensus mark by 20.4% and increased 36.4% year over year. The company’s shares have risen 22.6% year to date, outperforming the 17.8% growth of the industry.

“Broadly, across our group, growth was driven by improved economic conditions,” said CEO John Wren.


“Omnicom’s suite of services and capabilities are positioning us to be extremely competitive in the marketplace to: reimagine and strengthen our clients’ brands, seamlessly connect them with their customers across their marketing journey, transform their marketing technology platforms and innovate in e-commerce and new media channels.

Organic growth in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the third quarter of 2020 increased across all of our fundamental disciplines. The percentage increases were as follows: 8.6% for Advertising, 24.3% for CRM Precision Marketing, 18.0% for CRM Commerce and Brand Consulting, 49.9% for CRM Experiential, 8.3% for CRM Execution & Support, 10.5% for Public Relations and 6.6% for Healthcare.

Across all of our regional markets, organic growth in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the third quarter of 2020 was as follows: 7.7% for the United States, 20.2% for Other North America, 11.4% for the United Kingdom, 14.9% for the Euro Markets & Other Europe, 19.6% for Asia Pacific, 15.9% for Latin America and 24.3% for the Middle East & Africa.

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