OMG Hong Kong Enhances Social Listening Capabilities With Google’s GenAI

The agency network said it is moving away from traditional keyword-based social listening tools.

Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong (OMG HK) has developed a proprietary, dashboard with advanced features by integrating Google’s Generative AI technology into its social listening framework.

According to the company, this enables brands to analyze large amounts of social media conversations at a rapid pace and effectively identify various nuances, context, and consumer sentiments.

OMG HK added that this marks a shift from traditional keyword-based social listening, with PHD Hong Kong’s client Mead Johnson Nutrition being the first brand in the network to leverage this capability.


“With the dashboard, Mead Johnson Nutrition can effectively prioritise their media buys to engage specific audiences and remain agile in their marketing efforts.,” said OMG HK.

“Our proprietary proposition offers clients like Mead Johnson Nutrition with insights into customer sentiments and conversations. By leveraging advanced language understanding and analytics, we empower brands to make data-driven decisions and drive their social media strategies forward,” added Chris Kwok, Head of Data, Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong.

Chloe Ko, Marketing and Acquisition Director and Business Co-Head at Mead Johnson Nutrition, said, “With unparalleled insights and analysis of social media conversations, we can better understand our consumers and their sentiments. This empowers us to drive our marketing initiatives forward, making data-driven decisions that resonate with our target audience.”

Highlights of the dashboard

OMG HK’s provided the following highlights of the technology:


Advanced language understanding

GenAI models have sophisticated natural language processing capabilities that enable the social listening dashboard to understand the nuances, context, and sentiment of social media posts and comments more effectively than a keyword-based approach.

With GenAI, OMG HK’s proprietary dashboard can handle complex sentence structures, idiomatic expressions, sarcasm, and ambiguity more effectively, resulting in more accurate sentiment analysis and insights. It can also effectively interpret and analyse the sentiment conveyed through emojis and other non-textual elements commonly used in social media posts.

Flexibility in multi-brand sentiment analysis

OMG HK’s enhanced social listening dashboard can screen a comment that mentions multiple brands and intelligently discern the sentiment expressed towards each individual brand. It analyses the overall context to determine whether the sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral for each brand mentioned. Such flexibility enables more granular and precise brand-specific insights, even in complex, multi-brand discussions.

Rapid summarisation

The enhanced dashboard can quickly process large amounts of social media data and generate concise, meaningful summaries. It can also identify key themes, topics, and sentiments prevalent in the data and present them in an easily digestible format, boosting the speed and agility of insights generation.

Adaptability to domain and context

With GenAI, OMG HK’s dashboard is able to fine-tune and adapt to specific domains, industries, or contexts that are relevant to a particular brand or market. This enables the GenAI model to better understand and interpret the language, jargon, and nuances specific to that domain, resulting in more accurate and relevant insights.

Scalability and up-to-date analysis

The integration with Google BigQuery enables the dashboard to handle vast amounts of social media data in real-time, making them highly scalable. The dashboard is also able to constantly monitor and analyse social media streams, offering up-to-date insights and enabling quick responses to emerging trends.

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