Old Spice Transforms Cricket Fan Into the ‘Man of the Match’

Old Spice has partnered with MediaMonks for the ‘Smell Ready for Anything’ campaign pitching its range of deodorants.

The 40 & 20-second spots feature a group of guys sitting around watching a cricket match. One of them picks up Old Spice’s Lionpride deodorant spray and sprays it on. Because that is what normal people do when sitting around watching a match with friends, right?

At any rate, the Old Spice literally transforms him from the man he was into the ‘man of the match’, channeling his inner awesomeness. The new him, cricket bat in tow, sets out to rule the pitch – bidding goodbye to his friends assuring them “I won’t forget you boys.”


“Building off our rich heritage on Old Spice, our new campaign is a reminder for every Indian guy to smell new possibilities, realize his true potential within, and manifest his greatness,” said Rohini Venkateswaran, vice president, skin and personal care India, Procter and Gamble.

“Old Spice encourages every man to be the most awesome version of himself while providing great smelling products to make him feel his best.” The campaign has been rolled out on TV and digital.



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