OkCupid Rolls Out ‘Substance Over Selfies’ Influencer Campaign in India

In a world where selfies have been added to the mix of how we define ourselves and how we want others to see us, OKCupid dating app has made strides to position itself a provider of “more substance than selfie” – looking to get users to instead focus more on shared interests and passions, rather than simply looks.

Knowing human nature, we’ll have to wait and see how that strategy plays out, if at all, but a noble effort on the timeless trope that “looks aren’t everything.”

Recently, the app launched its first digital campaign, #SubstanceOverSelfies, in India with over 100 leading influencers sharing their ‘substance selfies’ and campaign messaging for the dating brand.


According to AdGully, users followed along with posts of their own, generating over a million impressions and an almost 20% engagement rate.

“On most online dating platforms, your profile picture is your identity and the first thing a potential partner sees,” said OkCupid CMO, Melissa Hobley. “At OkCupid though it’s about showing the substance and the depth of the person. For example, we don’t let you set up your profile with two clicks, we don’t let you swipe on only a picture and we don’t let you have this super-fast, exposable experience.”

Here are some of the influencers who participated – with their selfies.



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