Okamoto Condoms: So Thin You’ll Need to think About your Grandmother

Japanese Condom Grandmother - Branding in Asia

Japan’s leading brand of condom Okamoto has a new ad aimed at the American market that is quite clever –if not quite disturbing. Because, well, it co-stars your grandmother.

Men have, from time to time, or so we’ve heard, been known to allow their minds to be distracted during sex in order to make it last longer. Okamoto’s new condom is so thin that this becomes all the more difficult. Even thinking about your (arrggghhh) grandmother could prove fruitless.


The tagline at the end of the ad promoting ‘Zero Zero Four Almost Nothing’ line, features after flashing the image above, reads: “So thin, you’ll need to think of something else.”

Launched in 1934 Okamoto is said to have the thinnest and strongest condoms on the market. This due to a revolutionary material called Sheerloin. (Branding, it’s an art, eh?)

According to the Okamoto website (which you really should visit): “All our condoms are made from it (Sheeloin). So you get a silkier, more “bareback” feel without any rubbery latex smell.”

The Japanese take condom making seriously. And, we suppose, so should you!


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