Ogilvy Launches Sustainability Practice in Australia

An Ogilvy report found that most Australians don’t believe business is doing enough to address sustainability issues.

Ogilvy has launched a Sustainability Practice in Australia which brings together a team of experts from Ogilvy PR, Ogilvy Consulting, and Cannings Strategic Communications. It will provide strategic counsel, reputation management, investor relations, stakeholder engagement, behaviour change and crisis support on ESG challenges and opportunities for businesses and organisations across both Australia and New Zealand, the agency said.

Drawing on Ogilvy’s global insights and intelligence, the Australian team will help businesses navigate ESG complexities, ensuring their communications are believable to protect their social licence to operate.

“Environmental and social issues are becoming a major consideration for Australian consumers, and yet they don’t believe that business or government are doing enough to address them,” said Ogilvy’s Chief Counsel, Nino Tesoriero, who is leading the practice.


“Our new Ogilvy research also found more than half of consumers (53 percent) would boycott a brand they consider to be unethical, highlighting the need for brands to be better corporate citizens.

“As a result, clear communication of meaningful action will be increasingly important as companies navigate their way through these complex issues in search of sustainable progress and business success.”

Expertise will be drawn from across Ogilvy as part of the Sustainability Practice, including Ogilvy PR communications specialists Nino Tesoriero, Jacquie Potter and Brian Corrigan; plus Toby Harrison from Ogilvy Consulting; Luis Garcia from Cannings Strategic Communications; and Dane Smith representing Ogilvy’s behavioural science expertise.

ESG Believability Report

In launching the Sustainability Practice, Ogilvy PR has released its first ESG Believability Report, which examines the perceived importance of environmental and social issues, and the believability of ESG claims made by companies across a wide range of industries, based on the responses of 1,011 Australians polled by Lightspeed Research in September 2022. The report also examines challenges faced by corporate affairs leaders related to ESG communications.


“Consumers told us they would be more likely to believe corporate leaders if they followed through on their ESG promises,” Tesoriero said. “However, many corporate affairs leaders feel challenged in communicating with certain audiences. Providing specialist advice, global tools and ongoing research in this area will ensure companies are able to do the right thing and talk about it with confidence.”

Other insights from the report show most Australians don’t believe business is doing enough to address sustainability issues, with 65 percent supporting tougher legislation on ESG obligations. Most (80 percent) also think executive bonuses should be linked to environmental and social targets.

“With 42 percent saying that no industry sector – including government – is currently doing the right thing in terms of environmental responsibilities, clearer communication is needed,” Tesoriero concluded.

For a copy of Ogilvy PR’s ESG Believability Report go here

Caption for featured image: Left to right – Miriam Wells (Head of Strategy, Ogilvy PR); Nino Tesoriero (Chief Counsel, Ogilvy PR); Amy Kirk (Client Partner, Ogilvy Sustainability Practice); Luis Garcia (CEO, Cannings Strategic Communications (an Ogilvy PR Company); Dane Smith (Behavioural Science Lead, Ogilvy); Toby Harrison (Ogilvy’s Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Ogilvy Consulting).

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