Ogilvy Consulting Launches Sustainability Practice in Asia Led by Andy Wilson

Ogilvy Consulting, the global growth, and innovation arm of Ogilvy has launched its Sustainability Practice in Asia. The new practice will be led by Andy Wilson, who joins Ogilvy from BBDO, and is tasked with helping clients shape sustainability priorities and solutions in the region. He will report to Jerry Smith, CEO of Ogilvy Consulting, Asia.

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic with consumers who are expecting brands to do more. This influenced by urgent calls from scientists, experts, activists, and government leaders, making sustainability a dominant global issue.

Ogilvy’s new practice will focus on Asia’s myriad pressing environmental, social, and inclusion issues. According to Ogilvy, this includes the continued fight against poverty, the balancing of a growing middle-class and urbanization with the environmental impact, the stress for companies to move faster to net-zero emissions, the desire to transform to alternative energy, and the complex and diverse cultural context for equity and inclusion improvements. While many of the topics are global in nature, clients are seeking solutions tailored to Asia’s unique market situations and social issues.


“We have been focusing on creating a sustainable culture and ways of working for some time,”  said Jerry Smith, CEO of Ogilvy Consulting, Asia.

“Sustainability has become a greater priority for businesses, brands, and people, the urgency and importance of this topic means we need to build a more structured solution for our clients. Our work now needs to take the corporate strategy and mandate and create practical ways to activate that at a regional and local level.”

Wilson added: “We are on the brink of a radical paradigm shift in how we manufacture, market, and consume products and services. We have a critical role to play in helping organisations and brands develop environmentally and socially sustainable solutions and practices. It is an exciting time and I’m thrilled to be able to accelerate this positive transition and help our clients across the region grow profitably whilst solving sustainability issues.”


Wilson brings over 25 years of experience in innovation, brand building, and strategic communications planning, and is one of the most awarded effectiveness leaders in Asia over the last decade. Wilson formerly held the position of Head of Strategy at BBDO Asia since 2012 before joining Ogilvy.

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