Obama’s Exchange with Malaysian Student Earns Student Bucket of Cookies

alphaeus Tan Malaysian student Obama
Alphaeus Tan

President Barack Obama was at Taylor’s University lakeside campus for a town hall meeting with the ASEAN Youth talking about pressing issues and other topics when a young man from Malaysia, Alphaeus Tan, made a personal appeal to the president.

In light of Malaysia’s political scandals, Tan said he hoped that President Obama would raise the issue with the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, and encourage the notion of transparency and independence in the nation.

Obama said that he’d do it.


The internet was soon abuzz with Malaysians cheering Alphaeus Tan for raising the issue –something that no one else did to during the open forum meeting.

Here is the exchange:


The clip went viral on social media with many people offering to “give him a cookie” –in other words, saying that Tan deserves recognition for having the courage to speak his mind.

Oreo Malaysia decided to heed the call of the people and not give Tan just one cookie, but a whole bunch.

Alpaeus Tan Malaysia Obama Cookies

Tan will donate the Oreo cookies to the House of Joy, an organization that works with orphans.

Nice work Alphaeus… and Oreo.